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Avast! Pro Antivirus 5.1.849 Beta

  • Avast! Pro Antivirus 5.1.849 Beta
    Avast! Pro Antivirus 5.1.849 Beta | 54.14 Mb

    Avast! Pro Antivirus - a professional anti-virus, represents a powerful and versatile system for protecting your computer. In addition to the standard for such programs resident scanner and on-demand scanner, Avast!, Based on the award-winning repeatedly Virus Bulletin anti-virus kernel also contains other modules and components that are able to protect your PC from virtually all types of threats, both online and LAN and when working offline.

    Antivirus Avast! Pro provides the user a choice of two types of interfaces: a simple, built using skins and carrying out substantive work with the program, and "advanced", you can customize any function to your preference.

    On-demand scanner checks for malicious code, all folders and files that you specify it, and scanner access (memory-resident scanner) is performed automatically scans all opened files and run programs.

    Scanner, email, part of Avast! Professional, checks both incoming and outgoing messages and easily integrates with most mail clients, and a script blocker monitors the work of all the scripts that run on Windows or Internet browser.

    Scanner checks the boot when you start the operating system boot the hard disk partitions, and integration into Windows Explorer allows you to scan any file or folder with one click.

    Module Virus Chest (quarantine) provides secure isolation of infected or suspicious files just as tight integration with the screensaver enables verification of the computer is idle.

    Module updates based on iAVS technology can update antivirus databases automatically, and manual mode, and, update the files have a size less than 100 kilobytes, and update files of the program - the size of 200-500 Kbytes.

    The new version of the antivirus engine, which guarantees nearly 100% detection of viruses in the minimum number of false positives, and can check in virtually all types of archives and is familiar with most modern wrappers.

    Also there is the possibility of automation - you can configure scheduled scanning, and "advanced" version of the user interface lets you manage using the so-called "tasks", in which you can determine in advance a variety of parameters - areas to scan, what and how to scan, etc. . Upon completion of the job you will get a detailed list with the results.

    Resident protection and heuristic analysis as a file system and e-mail, can detect the virus before it infects your computer.

    Contained in the Avast! Professional modules for protection of instant messaging and programs that run on peering protocols (P2P - peer-to-peer) support more than 30 of the most popular programs.

    Module Network Shield (AC Shield), entered into a new version of Avast! Professional, can be regarded as a lightweight version of the firewall (or, more precisely, as IDS - Intrusion Detection System - Intrusion Prevention System), because He analyzes all network traffic and scans it for malicious code, providing protection against Internet-borne worms and network attacks. A module is Web Shield (web board) operates as a transparent proxy, browsing and filtering all HTTP traffic coming to a computer with Internet sites, thereby protecting your PC from viruses. Moreover, by using unique technology "Intelligent Stream Scan", allows you to scan objects on the fly, work the web board had virtually no effect on the speed and convenience of surfing the Internet and does not reduce your computer's performance.

    Experienced users will appreciate the opportunity to start scanning from the command line indicating the various parameters and keys, as it can be successfully used in BATCH programs. Available in a special mode STDIN / STDOUT.

    Integrated into the Avast! Professional medical module can not only detect and remove infected files from your computer, but also to cure most of them.

    The new version of Avast! Professional works correctly on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and is a good solution for securing workstations based on Windows.

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