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Avast! Internet Security 5.1.849 Beta

  • Avast! Internet Security 5.1.849 Beta
    Avast! Internet Security 5.1.849 Beta | 59.63 Mb

    Avast! Internet Security - a suite of applications designed to protect your computer from potential viruses and other threats from malicious software. Proposed enhanced version 5.x Premium also includes a number of additional functions, including display module virtualization scenarios and processes, and the package avast! Internet Security 5.x includes anti-spam filter and a built-in firewall.

    The main components of avast! Internet Security 5.x
    • screens in real time
    Screens in real time - this is the most important elements of the program, which continuously protects your computer from viruses. They track all of your computer, checking all programs and files in real time - ie at the time of launching programs and opening or closing the file.

    • Virus scanning
    Anti-virus program avast! 5.x includes several standard types of scanning, which are installed by default.

    • Anti-Spam Filter avast!
    Package avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated anti-spam filter designed to detect unwanted email (spam). If your mailbox is constantly moving into spam box quickly becomes full, you need a letter may not be received. In addition, spam increases the load on the mail server, Internet connection, local area networks, etc.

    • Firewall
    Package avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall, which can operate directly from the UI avast!. The firewall monitors all communications between your computer and the outside world and blocks unauthorized actions, guided by the rules "allow" and "Deny". Thus, the firewall can prevent sensitive data from your computer, and blocks attempts to compromise your system from external hackers.

    • Command-line scanner
    This feature is only available in antivirus avast! Pro and the package avast! Internet Security.

    AshCmd program uses to identify potential malware infections are the same scanning modules avast!, As the standard interface, so that the scanning results when using it will be exactly the same. Command-line scanner avast! - AshCmd.exe - usually installed in the directory C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ avast5.

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