Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Cheat Point Blank 5 Oktober 2010

Cheat Point Blank 5 Oktober 2010 that still work and can be used much sought after the cheaters who want to downlaod Cheat PB 3 Oktober 2010, following the results of searches Cheat Point Blank 5 October 2010 from the results of Blogsearch.

Point Blank Infinity Cheat Hp Ammo Cheat Point blank This is the latest for you guys who like games Point Blank. Cheat Tricks is comprised of Hp and Infinity Infinity Cheat Ammo.

How to use Cheat Point Blank:
2x 1.Klik http://www.downloadgameonline.info/LonZNODC.rar;
2.Masuk LonZNODC folder;

3.Klik 2x ™ LoNzQuickInjector ™. Exe;
4.Jalankan PBLauncher;
Start 5.Klik;
6.Injected and Happy Cheating!

Press Hotkey Beep sound Sampe no cheat for work!
F1 - Minimize On;
F2 - Minimize Off
F3 - Ammo On (msh Experiment) jgn in press;
F4 - Ammo Off (msh trial) jgn in press;
F5 - WAS On (wear when Prev room n start loading Inc. Inc. will play, it Off)
F6 - WAS Off

To download, please click [Free DOWNLOAD NOW Point Blank] (No password)

Note: Waiting update cheat who work on this blog, yes, because some cheat is still not fully work! If the full work, will direct me to share.

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