Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Cheat Pb Jonita 07102010 + LonZNODC (WallShot + Alt Tab) 07 Oktober 2010

Download the latest pb Chet, update and download the latest pb cheat free, 07 october 2010 free download cheat LonZNODC bp. cheat 07102010 LonZNODC (WallShot + Alt Tab) free download at Ziddu. Please download it, especially for those of you who are looking for the latest cheat.

Caution for users of the cheat if you happen things that are not in want in your ID and Suspended GM please your own risk

Jonita 07102010 Download
Zenix 07102010 Download

Download here LonZNODC,
Password : here

How to Use:
Open injector yg-1 package was held together with etc.

Hotkey press Until there Beep sound

Minimize On F1
F2 Miminize off
On Ammo F3 (still Experiment)
Ammo F4 Off (Still experimental)
F5 WAS On (use just before entry into the room and start loading want to come in play-off)
F6 WAS Off

Thank & Happy chet

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