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Install windows Xp

install windows xp

windows xp are operating sytem we can call it OS, is easy, simple an autodetect hardware, and more familiar in using in our computer.

now, we can start install windows xp
we need one package of CD installer Windows XP

we also need packages of cd Driver, example : motherboard, vga card and more

Set the BIOS

Set the bios press del, or F1, or juga F2.choose menu Advanced Settings, and find boot priority set it to the cdrom
then restart again your computer
C.press f10 and press enter to save your setting on the bios

wait the screen until show press any key boot from cd.

5. and you must press anything like the picture until show blue screen like this

6.and the files will be load to your computer and show message like this

7.press 'ENTER' to install windows, 'R' For repair the installed windows xp before. 'F3' For quit installassion, and then will show user license aggrement.

8.press 'F8' then the installasion will search your partition

9.Press 'ENTER' for install windows xp, 'C' for create your partition on the storage

10.And write your partition you want

And Press 'ENTER' and will show like this

12.choose "format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)"or"format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)"then press"ENTER"and will show screen like this

13.and windows start to format your partition on hardsik so the data on ths estorage will be gone

14.then the cd install will write on hardisk

15. Press 'ENTER' to REBOOT the computer and go to the next step

16.Show like this

17. Wait the install are being proses

18. Windows show a messge like this

19.just press 'Next'

20. Write a user name and press 'next' again

21.input your licensewindows

22. Set your time zone

23. wait until show next proses

24.windows will show work group or computer Domain

25.If your computer connect with the network, set the network you have

26.and will show resolution show...just press'OK'

27.windows will detect your optimum harware. this proses is autodetect from windows

28. it's almost done, the computer will show screen like this

29. and you will see, this just for first time, after this you will not see this screen again just press 'NEXT'

30. Windows show"Help Protect Your PC", except pictures like that, choose "Not Right Now"then press "Next"

31. computer wil checked your internet setting, just set no, we can set it later

32.the activation windows press "Next"

33.Press "Next" again

34.and press 'Finish'

35.done, your windows xp has been installed to your computer

36.don't forget to install driver for the supporting maximum hardware

37. you have fully done, to INSTALL WINDOWS XP

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